Paper Intake Forms: One less thing to worry about

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HIPAA compliance electronic forms solutions for online patient intake.

Send us Your Current Intake Forms & We Do The Rest.

24/7 Fanatical Support.

  • Surveys show a unanimous preference for online patient intake forms. Increase new patient conversion rates with a pleasurable intake experience.
  • Our clients report a 70-80% increase in pre-appointment patient intake form completion. Tighten up your schedule and creates time to see more patients.
  • Eliminate labor costs associated with processing & handling paper intake forms and increase office efficiency by using electronic intake forms.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Extremely responsive email and phone support.

Upload or fax your existing health intake form and we do the rest. In 2-3 days we’ll send your login info and a link to your new intake forms. No software to install, no hoops to jump through.

Simple pricing. No other extra charges or hidden fees. Easy monthly billing and you can cancel at any time for any reason.

$49/mo – Premium
Free setup
Multiple practitioner support
Unlimited intake types and form pages
PDF, CSV & Text data export (compatible with most EMR/PM software
Website integration
Conditional logic forms
Free form revision requests
Email alerts
E-signature support
HIPAA Release Form compliance
Amazing 24/7 customer support
Easy pricing and no long term contracts

We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art data center, manned 24x7x365. All sensitive data transmission is encrypted with AES 256 bit encryption. Stored data is also encrypted with unique encryption keys and initialization vectors. Redundant infrastructure ensures the highest levels of service availability. It is bank-grade security.

BA agreement.

3rd party HITECH/PCI/ HIPAA compliance forms are available upon request.

  • Easily access and export form data in PDF, CSV or text formats from your secure practice portal.
  • Intuitive presentation of multiple intake types.
  • E-signature support.
  • Form design is customized and branded to your preference.
  • Built-in social promotion for your practice.

Request a demo by calling 888-362-7278

Case Study: The busy dentist with the empty waiting room.
teneshaIt’s been a pleasure using Cake Intake for our practice. Paper intake was eating up more time than I had first imagined. The service is easy to use. It just works.

- Tenesha W. - Infinity Wellness Center

andiWe are very happy with this service. It was easy for our office staff to get acquainted with and our patients love using it.

- Andi M. - Family To Family

aniketI love it, it makes my job easier. I can schedule and see more patients in a day. Our patients love the online forms. The overall impression of our practice has increased with new patients. It generates new business for us.

- Aniket S. - DFW Dental

Try Cake Intake Enterprise for Free

Now the power and flexibility of cloud-based digital intake is available Enterprise-wide.

Cake Intake Enterprise Edition offers the clarity, visibility and control needed to power the modern practice across large location networks.

For an RFP please call (800)263-1836.

Enterprise Features
Single dashboard metrics for multiple locations
Volume discount pricing
Custom reporting
Custom feature development

Our mission is to help health and wellness practices solve problems with great software. TRY CAKE INTAKE today.




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