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Acupuncture Intake Form – Cake Intake

What’s the point of an acupuncture intake form if it’s impossible to find. (Ahhhhh, see what we did there?)

You’ve got your acupuncture training under your belt and it’s time to start out on your own. You’ve trained long and hard for this moment and are ready to create the practice of your dreams. It all sounds amazing. You get clients, they come see you, they leave happy, tell their friends and you are living the dream. Helping others by doing work you love.

All of the acupuncture intake forms start piling up. New client forms get lost. Existing client forms are hard to read. You find files in the wrong place and have to use precious time and effort keeping on top of your files. If only there was an easier way.

There is an easier way. We’ve built a simple and hassle free cloud-based acupuncture intake form filing system that keeps your files easy to find and secure (100% HIPAA compliant). Worried about technology being too complicated? No worries, we do all the work. No cumbersome form building software to learn. Just send us your current intake forms or use our acupuncture intake form templates and in just a couple of days we send you a login to your new online intake form system. Simple and affordable.

You’ll save time, money and headaches and get you back to doing the work you love rather than dealing with the work you dread. Streamline your practice and make 2015 your year of front desk zen with Cake Intake!

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