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Alternative Medicine Intake Form – A Smarter Approach

As the pendulum swings from the “better living through chemistry” era towards a more natural bend the US has seen an uptick in “Alternative Medicine” practices. Alternative medicine offers a different approach to healthcare in that it is designed to treat the entire being as a whole rather than just the symptoms of unbalance. The demand for new forms of healthcare continues to grow.

While the banner of Alternative Medicine encompasses a large swath of different practice types (including homeopathy, reiki, acupuncture and herbalism) all of these different practices have one thing in common with all healthcare providers: the new patient health intake form.

Alternative medicine/healthcare practices have a wide range of information that practitioners need to collect in order to deliver the most effective care for their patients. Medical intake form can range from a simple one page information sheet to 20 page complete health histories with an in depth look into the life of the client.

Regardless of where you fall on this spectrum the need for quick and easy alternative medicine intake forms will be a crucial part of the client experience.

You get one chance to make a first impression with your patients and your options here are:

* A paper based intake form on a clipboard which results in the same old tired user experience that we are so familiar with. Patient surveys reveal a unanimous dislike for filling out paper forms. Often a PDF version of these forms are sent to the new patient before their scheduled appointment. They rarely get filled out prior to the appointment because the process is cumbersome. Make no mistake, it’s a terrible user experience but people simply put up with it.


* A sleek electronic forms solutions of your alternative medicine such as homeopathic intake form that allows a client the ability to fill out their form before their appointment at their leisure and automatically handles the filing and information gathering to save your staff valuable time!

Switching to paperless medical intake form for your alternative medicine practice generates an immediate time surplus for your staff. No time wasted calling patients back due to difficult to read forms, filing paperwork, looking for lost paperwork, scanning paperwork into a computer to be attached to an EMR/PMS, waiting for patients to fill out forms in the waiting room. That saved time also saves money and vastly improves the initial patient experience.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to switch to paperless intake for your practice. Simply send us your current homeopathic intake form in whatever format they are in and we will deliver a cloud-based patient intake system that your patients and your staff will love to use in just 2-3 days. No software to install. No long term contracts. No outrageous monthly fees. You only pay for it when you use it. At .75 cents per new patient intake submission.

If you are a new practice and don’t have your own forms then we can provide you with free templates.

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