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An Easier Patient History Form

Keeping track of your patient records is of the utmost importance not only for your sanity but for the safety of your patients. Knowing what your patient’s health history is as well as their history with your practice keeps you from wasting the client’s time (at best) and making potentially dangerous mistakes.

You patient history form is an extremely valuable part of your practice but also can be quite cumbersome. As your practice grows your records get denser and the time spent processing new intake forms increases. The time it takes to find older records goes up and the chance for misfiling or human error becomes almost an inevitability.

Studies show that up to 30% of a healthcare employee’s time is spent looking for lost or misfiled documents. The hassle of maintaining an in depth patient history form intake and filing system can be overwhelming.

While regimented and systemized filing has proven to be the best solution it still feels clunky and outdated. With patient history forms being primarily paper based it has been difficult to utilize any other method. Conversion to electronic forms has been a tempting option but remaining HIPAA compliant has been a barrier to many practices who wish to move over to digital records.

Leap over that barrier with Cake Intake and create the paper free practice of your dreams. Allow patients to fill out their history and intake forms with a secure HIPAA compliant link online from their computers and tablets or use on site tablets to replace your clipboards and let the technology do the filing for you.

By storing your patient record release form in a secure cloud based storage system you can access your patient information simply by typing in their name, e-mail address, phone number or any other piece of information you might be looking for. Avoid costly errors and remove the hassle of paper intake now!

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