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Are Intake Form Templates Becoming Obsolete?


Google’s keyword tool reports a healthy amount of monthly search for keywords related to “intake form templates”. This might be a term that a new practice owner might use to find a ready made template for a patient intake form to use for their practice.

Typically these templates are in Word format. They can be modified and saved as a PDF then added to a practice website. A new patient is instructed to download the PDF from the website, print it out and fill it out with a pen before coming in to their appointment.

Usually a new patient does not make good on the expectation to download, print and fill out with an ink pen, aforementioned forms. Medical intake form are commonly 5-7 pages in number and contain a very comprehensive list of health history, insurance, and demographic questions.

How much time in your day do you have to conduct such an activity? Why bother when you know you can just arrive to your appointment on time and spend 20-30 minutes filling them out in the waiting room?

Not too long ago we used a book of maps called Mapsco to find a destination to drive to. We also, not too long ago, used to go to Blockbuster to rent videos. It’s inconceivable that with today’s technology anyone would use a Mapsco to find anything and Blockbuster went bankrupt 4 years ago thanks to Netflix, Amazon, etc.

It’s just as inconceivable that a healthcare practice would continue to use a PDF or paper-based intake form for new patient registration. PDF/Paper-based online patient intake forms are still widely used because healthcare is traditionally slow to adopt new technology. That trend won’t continue.

It’s just no longer realistic to expect today’s consumers to download and print out a long set of paper forms to be filled out with a pen. It’s a waste of paper and time on both the patient’s part and for practice personnel. Some practices actually have to scan the paper forms into a digital format so that they can be imported into a patient records management software system.

That’s like taking a “selfie” with a Polaroid camera then scanning the picture into your computer so you can upload it to Facebook.

Seriously, think about this for a moment.

For a healthcare practice switching to paperless intake saves paper cost, filing cost, labor cost and time. Paperless intake forms get filled out 85% more often prior to an appointment than paper.

That means no more waiting room full of patients filling out forms while healthcare practitioners simply wait for them to get completed. On average, 22 practice work days are lost each year due to wasted labor related to paper based intake.

Yeh, but installing and learning new software is a pain in the Hasselhoff right? Usually yes, but in this case there is nothing to install and no learning curve. There’s nothing to do but sign up for a free trial.

Cake Intake makes patient intake form templates obsolete. Simply send us your current intake forms and we convert them into a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based intake system within 2-3 days and for a fraction of the cost of paper-based intake.

At only 75 cents per new patient intake and no other monthly fees it’s never been easier or more affordable to upgrade your practice.

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