Chiropractic Intake Forms – Cake Intake

Does your chiropractic practice need an adjustment? If you are still using paper patient intake forms then the answer is a definitive yes! How much time are you and your staff wasting with your intake process? An average chiropractic intake forms consists of 3-5 pages of important information and keeping client files up to date […]

Acupuncture Intake Form – Cake Intake

What’s the point of an acupuncture intake form if it’s impossible to find. (Ahhhhh, see what we did there?) You’ve got your acupuncture training under your belt and it’s time to start out on your own. You’ve trained long and hard for this moment and are ready to create the practice of your dreams. It […]

Alternative Medicine Intake Form – A Smarter Approach

As the pendulum swings from the “better living through chemistry” era towards a more natural bend the US has seen an uptick in “Alternative Medicine” practices. Alternative medicine offers a different approach to healthcare in that it is designed to treat the entire being as a whole rather than just the symptoms of unbalance. The […]