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Chiropractic Intake Forms – Cake Intake

Does your chiropractic practice need an adjustment? If you are still using paper patient intake forms then the answer is a definitive yes!

How much time are you and your staff wasting with your intake process? An average chiropractic intake forms consists of 3-5 pages of important information and keeping client files up to date and easily accessible can present a challenge for many practices. The hidden cost of maintaining a paper filing system is more than you might think.

If you’re keeping a 4-drawer filing cabinet on site and maintaining that system then you are simply wasting money in terms of storage space and labor. Add in that practices lose on average 22 full work days to filing/processing paperwork and the cost of paper intake gets exponentially worse.

How many more patients could you see in 22 work days? What kind of difference would that make to your bottom line?

We’ve made it insanely easy for you to switch to a sleek electronic version of your chiropractic intake forms that increases pre-appointment patient info submission by 80% on average and automatically handles filing which saves you and your staff valuable time.

Switching to paperless intake forms for your chiropractic practice generates an immediate time surplus. No time wasted calling patients back due to illegible handwriting, filing paperwork, looking for lost paperwork, scanning paperwork into a an EMR/PMS, waiting for patients to fill out forms in the waiting room. Patients appreciate not having to download and print out (using their own paper and ink) several pages of intake forms to fill out by hand with a pen. Nobody enjoys doing that.

It’s never been easier or more affordable to switch to electronic intake for your practice. Just send us your current chiropractic intake forms and we will deliver a cloud-based patient intake system that your patients and your staff will love to use in just 2-3 days. No software to install. No long term contracts. No outrageous monthly fees.

If you are a new practice and don’t have your own forms then we can provide you with free templates.

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