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Counseling Intake Form Without The Hassle

You became a counselor to help people live their best lives, free from addiction, stress, anxiety, depression or a host of other mental and emotional challenges. You did not become a counselor to spend your time looking for lost counseling intake form, wasting time reading illegible handwriting or sinking your hard earned dollars into paper, ink and labor costs. Check out Cake Intake as the way out of lost time and money and say hello to your paper-free (and totally green!) practice.

If you’re keeping a 4-drawer filing cabinet on site it’s costing you money that you need not spend. Add in that practices lose on average 22 full work days to filing/processing paperwork and it’s clear that no matter how efficient a paper system seems, compared to electronic patient/client data storage – it’s a waste of time, money and resources.

In a recent study, we found that our clients report a 70-80% increase in pre-appointment intake completion when using an electronic intake form. This frees up tons of time for you, your staff and your patients/clients to improve everyone’s experience. Happier clients equates to repeat business and more time means more time to do what you do best – counseling. Paper waste starts with counseling intake form, whether it’s the paper your client has to use to print out the PDF intake form on your website or the paper you hand them on the clipboard when they come in.

With Cake Intake you don’t have to waste time creating your own online forms using a complex form building tool. You simply send us your existing intake forms and we do the rest. If you are a new practice and need counseling intake form templates to start with we can help you out with those as well at no extra cost.

In just a couple of days we will send you a cloud-based counseling intake form system that is HIPAA compliant and super easy to use for both your staff and your clients. Form data is sent directly to your portal and can be exported out into PDF, CSV or any other format you desire.

Pricing is flexible, setup is easy, and it’s free to try for 14 days. There’s no good reason to continue dealing with paper for counseling intake form. It’s cumbersome and expensive and we’ve made it easy to go paperless.

Start your 14-day trial for $1 by calling 888-362-7278