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Dental Patient Intake Form – Beyond the PDF

Regular visits to the Dentist may do more than just help keep your teeth squeaky clean. New research suggests that getting your teeth professionally cleaned and scraped just once may help reduce the risk for heart attack and stroke (along with keeping your mouth healthy and fresh).

Despite even more emerging benefits of regular dental care, a trip to the dentist’s office does not often rank high on most people’s “excited to do” list.

Even if you’re not terrified of the dentist (also known as odontophobia) it’s not usually an activity we associate with positive emotions. Long waits in a sparse waiting room with only old “Highlights Magazines” to keep you entertained. Screaming children and the high pitched mechanical squeal of drills and brushes don’t encourage a peaceful zen state for most.

While, of course, not all dentist offices are like this (most are not) it can be challenging to fight off the public perception of what “going to the dentist” means. While we may not be able to fix your magazine situation (although we’d suggest Mental Floss, The Week, & Entrepreneur for starters) we can help you improve one common hiccup for both patient and practitioner: the intake process.

Using the Google Adwords keyword tool one can see that there are plenty of searches each month for dental new patient intake form templates. You may have arrived at this page from such a search. The template in question is usually in a word or PDF format.

The typical dental practice situation involves having a PDF version of the patient intake form either downloaded from the practice website or sent by email. The new patient is then expected to print (using their own ink and paper) the forms, usually between 5-7 pages and fill them out with an ink pen.

That process in and of itself is cumbersome not to mention the process of hand-scribing an exhaustively comprehensive set of forms with a pen. Let’s face it, writing with a pen is becoming increasingly less common and forms are much easier and faster to fill out electronically via a keyboard. Most new patients simply do not do this. They end up filling these forms out in the waiting room.

8 out of 10 new patients fill out online medical intake form prior to their appointment. When those patients arrive they can be in the chair in under 10 minutes. This creates a time surplus that accumulates over a week and allows for time to see more patients.

Other disadvantages of paper-based dental patient intake form include:

Up to 30% of an employees time is spent looking for lost or misfiled documents in the average office.

Paper forms are often required to be scanned or transcribed into a digital format to be attached to a software-based patient record. Why not get the data in a digital format to begin with?

Electronic cloud based dental intake systems will save time for both you and your clients which allows you to see even more clients. The old saying of “time = money” is certainly true but it only equals money if you’re seeing patients. Why toss your hard earned practice dollars out the window on unnecessary and time wasting work when there’s an easy solution?

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