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HIPAA Release Form – A Better Solution

Since passing in 1996 HIPAA  has been changing the way medical information is stored and transmitted in hopes of providing confidentiality to patients and a higher standard of care in the long run. While critics have been quick to judge HIPAA as cumbersome and unnecessary it is clear that however you feel about HIPAA, it won’t be going away anytime soon.

It’s also clear that being found out of compliance can be a costly mistake for any healthcare practice. With costly fines (4.8 million stands as the current largest settlement to date) a potential outcome for willfully ignoring HIPAA compliance forms regulations, healthcare providers are doing all in their power to keep abreast of new information and best practices.

It is important to adhere to HIPAA form guidelines with medical release, consent and privacy forms and to be sure they are stored and filed with the same care.

All of this can be nerve-wracking and difficult to keep up with. Relying on a HIPAA consultant can be very costly and takes focus away from the practice growth. Trying to do the work yourself often leaves you open to conditions of compliance you weren’t aware of. Let us handle your HIPAA release form and keep you HIPAA form compliant with an easier and more cost effective web based solution.

We will convert your current paper/PDF forms over to a HIPAA compliant electronic system that makes the intake process as well as your filing system up to 80% more efficient. Save thousands of dollars per year, up to 22 full work days of time and countless trees from the paper mill with electronic HIPAA release form.

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