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Massage Therapy Intake Form: The Easy Way

Massage therapy has become a cornerstone of the holistic wellness lifestyle in recent years. Study after study has shown the benefits of massage (increased focus and productivity, decreased recovery time between exercise and injury, reduction of stress and cortisol levels among many others). As massage becomes more and more a part of the population’s wellness routine the intake process remains stuck in the paper-era.

Massage has been around for hundreds of years but that doesn’t mean our intake process should be antiquated!

In a busy massage therapy practice it can be difficult to keep track of records. With multiple practitioners, a hectic front desk, and impatient clients keeping up with your spa intake form and filing can be quite the headache. Where is this client’s form? Have they filled one out already? Can we read their handwriting? Does the massage therapist know where to find the form? Has the client been here before? There’s so much information to manage and it’s spread out all over the place.

For years massage therapists and spa directors have been looking for electronic spa intake form as a way to keep everything in one easy to find location. Until recently that would require an expensive HIPAA consultant or overpriced software. It might require dedicated server space, electronic form designers and thousands of dollars to get the system set up (and that’s if you’re lucky). Now the transition from paper to electronic forms is as easy as sending an e-mail.

Switching from paper to online massage therapy intake form

  • Saves time! (On average massage therapists spend 22 full work days per year dealing with filing)
  • Saves money! (It costs a business $25,000 a year to fill a 4 drawer filing cabinet)
  • Saves the earth! (1,000s of tons of paper is wasted every year in the healthcare industry)
  • Is good for business! (Spend less time waiting for clients to fill out forms in the waiting area and more time scheduling more appointments. In addition, clients prefer digital intake forms as they are easier and quicker to fill out which makes their initial experience with you better than perhaps a competitor’s intake process)

Streamline your practice and make the switch from the hassle of paper to the freedom of online massage intake forms with Cake Intake.

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