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Medical Intake, Release & Consent Forms – For the 21st Century

Gathering information about your patients is crucial to delivering quality care. Handling that information is also a huge responsibility. A patient’s privacy and in some cases safety can be at risk with improperly handled or stored medical intake, hipaa release form, patient record release form and consent forms. To be certain that a high level of care is delivered HIPAA was instituted in 1996. Compliance has become a high priority for any healthcare practice and while necessary can be a confusing and daunting process.

Many practices would love to take their filing and intake form system online but have felt trapped by strict HIPAA form regulations. Knowing all of the ins and outs of HIPAA, even without involving technology, is quite a feat. Combine the two and many healthcare practitioners are left scratching their heads.

If you need to remain HIPAA compliant in your practice then let us handle the headaches for you. Streamline your intake process and your patient record release form keeping with Cake Intake’s HIPAA compliant, electronic forms solutions.

With Cake Intake we convert your old paper based intake forms into easy to use online forms. Patient’s are nearly 85% more likely to complete their intake form prior to their appointment using electronic forms. This saves you and your staff tons of processing time and allows you the flexibility to see more patients, devote more individual attention and helps keep your office green (both Earth friendly and a huge labor cost cut).

Try us out for 14 days free of charge and see how much more efficient your office can operate. After the trial is complete you pay only $0.75 per intake form! For less than a buck a form you can say goodbye to all the filing nightmares of your practice and get your office running smoothly.

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