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New Patient Intake Form Evolved

How much is a new client worth to you and your practice? Depending on the life-cycle of the client with your practice each client could be worth thousands of dollars to your practice and you need to be able to keep track of them effectively. What is their history like? How do you get in touch? What have they come to see you for? Each bit of information offers you a way to interact, a way to surprise and delight and a way to create the most effective treatment plan.

The most common way to begin the collection of this data is through your patient intake form.

While it’s necessary, no one ever said it was exciting. While patients understand the need for the new patient intake form they frequently list the intake process as one of the most negative parts of their overall experience in any office.

Downloading, printing and hand-scribing with a pen, a batch of 5-7 multi-question forms is a cumbersome activity. Why make your new patients jump through those hoops when you can send them to a clean, easy to use online patient intake form that takes 1/2 the time to fill out?

For better or for worse the demand for fast, easy and simple has grown to be the rule rather than the exception and not providing any piece of the puzzle ruffles feathers quickly and can be the difference between a life-long client and a one-time visit. Get rid of some of those negative feelings with electronic HIPAA compliant intake forms!

Converting your new patient registration forms to digital version with Cake Intake is a snap. Send us your old intake forms and we’ll convert them to beautiful electronic ones in 3 business days. Save your staff from having to deal with paper forms and wow your patients with high quality and easy to process electronic new patient intake form!

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